Hello, McFly.

May 11, 2010

I’m more than just a number..

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New Drake video.. finally, Aubrey puts some of his acting skills to use and gets a video together with some sort of storyline.  Say what you want about the way this song is Kanye’d.. but I actually like it. 🙂

May 3, 2010

One door closes..

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…and another one opens.

The cute little girl in the picture above represents (but is not) me, as I get ready to start classes (tomorrow) for my Clinical Doctorate program.

What I did this past semester:

  • 25 to 30 hours per week at my internship at PCDA
  • 20 to 25 hours per week pushing Containers
  • 5 classes, including a federally funded grant course and an independent study reviewing research for AOTA
  • Made it back to Ghana

What I’ll do this coming year:

  • Take OT 610 this summer
  • Move to South Pasadena
  • Work/residency at PCDA
  • OTD program/project in Ghana
  • Take over the wooooooooooorrrrrlllllld.

Okay, perhaps that last bullet point was a little too ambitious.  I’ll save that one for 2011.  It’s still good to have dreams though, right?

To infinity (and hopefully back to Ghana)… and beyond!

May 19, 2009

Best I ever had..

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Wow.. Miguel took a song I already loved and killed it (again).

April 13, 2009

Wake me on the 22nd..

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This is going to be a ridiculous week and a half.  On top of school (9-5ish)..  I have something booked for every evening, from yesterday to the 21st.

Sun 4/12: Easter dinner

Mon 4/13: late night Container Store shift

Tue 4/14: Tatum Jones & Craig David @ The Mint

Wed 4/15: NAMI meeting

Thu 4/16: late night Containers

Fri 4/17: basketball game (tournament)

Sat 4/18: Marika/Greg’s wedding

Sun 4/19: Fanny Pak & KABA Modern @ CSULA

Mon 4/20: late night Containers

Tue 4/21: my girl Morose @ Tuesday Night Cafe

….aaaand cut.  Yikes.  But it’s a good “yikes.”  🙂

February 2, 2009


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Soooo.. somehow, in the middle of IMing Toby, I accidentally deleted my entire paper.  My.  Entire.  Paper.  And I couldn’t “undo” enough times to get it back.

…luckily, this story has a happy ending. (That’s what she said)

I quit without saving, and got it back.  But wow.. I really thought I was about to cry.  I can’t even blame this one on the computer (I heart my macbook), it was completely my fault.  Anyway.. whew.  Now I’m gonna go pop some popcorn and watch a movie with a cute boy.  🙂

I am the Kobe Bryant of writing papers.

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..okay not really. But that’s the mentality I need to have if I want to finish this paper for Gero soon.

61.  Most points ever scored in Madison Square Garden?  Sheesh.

P.S.  Sorry Kobe.. I love you, you’re incredible.. but I will never (ever) call you “Mamba.” It makes me think of this.

P.P.S.  Dear Andrew Bynum, please get well soon.. You can have my MCL if you want it (not sure it would fit, though).

February 1, 2009

..and the home of the brave.

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Wow.  So I missed the Superbowl, but I got a million texts telling me I had to youtube (yes, that’s a verb) Jennifer Hudson’s version of the national anthem.  And now I know why.

I love love LOVE her.  I’m also glad she didn’t try to make up a cool rap name, like this guy.

January 30, 2009

Best week(s) ever.

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Tuesday: Barack Obama is our President.

Wednesday: found out I got a $10,000 grant to specialize in pediatric disabilities next semester.

Saturday: birthday celebration at e3rd.

Thursday: butter-drenched steak at Ruth’s Christ.

Friday: Venice Beach and Sawtelle with Stephanie.

So those are the highlights, but I also didn’t sleep on Saturday and I went to bed at 5am this morning..

I have a dry erase calendar.  I’m writing in the days for February, and I just wrote “1, 2, 3, 4, 8.”  Hahaha I guess it’s about time to go to bed.

Blogging will be back to normal soon, probably by next week.

January 18, 2009

Playing for Change

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I may be a little bit late on this one, but my dad put me on (thanks, Dad).  Renowned musicians from all over the world came together to promote Peace Through Music.. without ever meeting each other.  Foreign Exchange -style.

If you’re a fan of world music, then you’re in for a treat with Mark Johnson and Jonathan Walls’ Playing for Change: Peace Through Music, a film that premiered at the 7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival. It isn’t really a documentary as much as a global concert film, recorded on the streets of New Orleans, Barcelona, South Africa, Tibet and elsewhere, as the filmmakers (Johnson being an award-winning engineer and producer) traveled across the globe, finding musicians to record tracks on versions of “Stand By Me” and Bob Marley’s “One World” without any of the individual musicians ever having met each other. The purpose of the project which led to the formation of a foundation to help impoverished people in the areas visited is to show how music brings people together regardless of their cultural differences. The project had the duo recording and filming these diverse musicians guerilla style, then editing the film together to create an amazing never-before-seen “music video” of these amazing musicians playing together on these inspirational songs, as well as playing their own music.

January 8, 2009

Current obsessions..

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1.  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Thanks to Hulu, I’ve been letting these guys tuck me into bed every night for the past week.

2.  Slumdog Millionaire.  The movie, the soundtrack.. and Freida Pinto.

3.  Maui-style butter.  Mika’s mom sent us this spread made of lillikoi, guava, mango, and a million other delicious things.  It’s so good.. it makes me feel like this kid.

4.  Eragon.  My mom lent the series to me, so I can finally read it.. and it’s great.

5.  Trevor Ariza.  We’re getting married soon.. he just doesn’t know it yet.  What can I say, I guess I’m a sucker for hustle players.