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June 17, 2010


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I’m having a mini Laker parade in my room right now.  You’re all invited.

Live life like it’s Game 7.

June 8, 2010

French dips > French tips.

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Now any true LA kid already knows about Philippe’s..

But today, via LivingSocial, you can get $10 to spend on your French Dip for $5!  Huge shouts to Amy for putting me onto this great deal. I’m craving a sandwich and a pickle.. like NOW.

From our last outing:

April 26, 2010

Lydia Paek, yesss.

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She can sing. Get to know her.

Oh yeah, umm.. and she can dance too.

April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

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Easter always reminds me to be thankful for the sacrifices that have been made so that I can be where I’m currently standing… and thankful that I’m part of a family that loves food as much as I do! 🙂

Sundried tomato, pesto, cream cheese.

Shrimp, cocktail sauce, vinegar sauce.


Tofu, gobo, salmon skin, bamboo sprouts, Korean cucumbers, chili sesame dressing..

Tofu noodle salad.

Asparagus with shoyu/mayo.


Lamb, slow-roasted in the smoker.

Grilled corn with garlic, herbs, and cheese.

The spread, 2010.

Mom's lemon bars.

My fruit tarts.

Last year's eggs.

This year's eggs.

Yes, the snowman was mine.  Happy Easter, everyone!

February 19, 2010

Still haven’t downloaded it?

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..and by “it,” I mean Ayomari’s The PB&J Solution,  which features TiRon.

Click [here] and download it now.  Do it. DOOO it.

Why?  Because it’s beautiful music.

Why else?  Because Ayomari and TiRon are Mariko-approved.. and they STAY hungry.


January 3, 2010

Why January 1st is my FAVORITE.

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Oshoogatsu omedetou!  New Year’s Day is a huuuuge deal for my family.  We start cooking at 7am on Dec 31st, and we basically never stop.  And then we eat it all.

AND.. I get to do it twice, because we celebrate with my Dad’s side in the morning and my Mom’s side in the afternoon.  A lot of similar dishes, prepared slightly differently because of the regions from which the families originated.  Seriously, seriously.. my favorite day of the year.  The first two days of March Madness are a close second.  THE barbecue comes in 3rd.

From here on out, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Kagami mochi.


Ozoni, Yamazaki-style.

Sukiyaki beef rolled around carrots/green beans, dipped in Panko, fried, and rolled in teriyaki.

Miso eggplant (nasubi).

Spam musubi with avocado.

I made those!

Somen salad in inari skins.

Ooh baby I like it rawwww.


Osechi ryori..

(yes, still going)

Crab salad in won ton shells..


Board games with the little cousins..


We don't even know HOW to stop.

Ozoni, Shikami-style.

Smoked salmon.

Are you understanding why this day is my favorite yet?

..and more..

My 982374435th helping.

How we closed out the night.

Please forgive me for not posting these pics in a more timely manner.. I’ve been hibernating.  I’m pretty sure I ate enough food to hold me over until mid-March.

December 25, 2009

Silent night, happy stomach.

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Christmas day was crazy delicious.

Christmas Eve service at St. Mary's.

Satsuma and pistachios.

Grilled veggies.

Torta (sundried tomato, pesto, cream cheese).


How we roll.



Game time.

Round one.



Christmas makes me sappy inside.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day and let at least one person know how much he/she is loved.  🙂

November 27, 2009

Gobble ’til you wobble.

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Thanksgiving isn’t just about parades, overeating, and saying you’re thankful.. I love what the holiday stands for today, but let’s all remember the exploitation and smallpox-infested blankets that were a part of the first Thanksgiving.  [/soapbox]

Anyway, here is the food-photo recap of my family’s holiday.

Yes, my Dad roasted it in his smoker.


Rosemary pull-apart bread.

My Auntie's delicious salad.


Yeah.. most of this was in my stomach by the end of the night.


Yams, cranberry, veggies..

Round one.. this mayyy be my desktop background right now.

Round One.. this mayyyy be the desktop background on my computer right now, lol.


Pumpkin cake.

Holiday craft - Japanese watercolor.


Sooooo that was my holiday.  Today I’ve been fighting this headache and trying (failing) to write a final paper.  Apparently, the itis hit my brain as well as the rest of my body.  Happy weekend, everyone!





August 18, 2009

Meet me at the Penthouse.

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This weekend’s Vegas trip – Top 5:

1. Upgraded to a penthouse suite.. with a full bar and a jacuzzi with mirrors on the ceiling.

2. Ate at Bobby Flay’s MESA grill.  Heavenly.

3.  Em and I are beer pong champs.  Remember that.

4.  Seafood buffet at the Rio.

5.  My friends are dance machines.

Soooo shady, but still pretty glorious.

Soooo shady, but still pretty glorious.

SOUTHWESTERN SPICED DUCK BREAST with Carrot-Habanero Sauce, Chorizo-Goat Cheese Tamale + Thyme Butter

SOUTHWESTERN SPICED DUCK BREAST with Carrot-Habanero Sauce, Chorizo-Goat Cheese Tamale + Thyme Butter

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Round one of three..

Round one of three..

..and they all danced happily ever after.

..and they all danced happily ever after.

The end. 🙂

August 9, 2009

BBQ #7: The People

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“Lemme See Your Grill”

Barbecue Recap – The PEOPLE Edition

The 7th Annual Yamazaki Barbecue was a great, great success.  My parents and I have been doing this since I was in the 12th grade.. and it’s just grown exponentially since then.  I know so many incredible, talented, friendly people.. and I love watching different circles of friends collide/mingle/become friends.  The weather was perfect, the food was good, and the music helped to set the mood.  Thanks to everyone who came!

Millions of pictures were taken, but here are just a few.

Marcels shirt is pretty cool.. But I still like Kobe.

Marcel's shirt is pretty cool.. But I still like Kobe.

Next stop: Vegas!

Next stop: Vegas!

Pomona Boys..

Pomona Boys..

My big sis and Diddy.

My big sis and Diddy.

Apparently you have to be really really good-looking to be at this bbq.

Apparently you have to be really really good-looking to be at this bbq.

Jack.  Chillin.

Jack. Chillin.

My Brentwood fam..

My Brentwood fam..

aaaaand the TCS fam.

aaaaand the TCS fam.

Holding it down..

Holding it down..

Jasmyne and Jennifer!

Jasmyne and Jennifer!

Sally = Jenga master.

Sally = Jenga master.

Tank top weather.

Tank top weather.

Venice/WLA fam.

Venice/WLA fam.

Mark and Kristen stopped by!

Mark and Kristen stopped by!

It was a MERC-approved barbecue.

It was a MERC-approved barbecue.

..possibly the best photo of the day.

..possibly the best photo of the day.

I have the best friends in the whole world.  I’ve been taught to show my love by sharing my home, my food, and my laughter with people.  See you next August for #8!

Full photo album [here]

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