Hello, McFly.

June 1, 2010

One last cry..

Filed under: Life, Obsessions — marimcfly @ 3:52 pm

As my 3D life has become more and more demanding, I’ve been affording less time/energy to my 2D/internet life.. Let’s just say that this doctoral program/work/studying/living/etc. is not very conducive to an active blogging career. But even though I’ve definitely been pretty productive with my 3D life, I’ve definitely missed my e-friends too.

So.. this month of June, I’m going to try and go hard (when it comes to blogging) to see if, when I make a conscious effort again, blog life (not thug life) can still fit. I hope it does.. And if it doesn’t.. or if I turn into one of those lazy “here’s a youtube video and no commentary” bloggers.. I will hang up the blogging sneakers respectfully. Here goes the experiment! 🙂

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