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January 31, 2010


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Kobe was on Sesame Street.  I’m over a week late, but oh well.  I love it.

Birthday recap.

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The venue: Landmark Wine Bar.

First guests: my parents.

Bwood folks.

More Bwood folks.

Open gym pals!

USC folks.

More USC folks.

Venice bball girls.

West Los crew.

Movie night crew!

My P-town boys.

My P-town girls.

My TCS folks.

...and my AC fam.

I’m so lucky.  Cheers, everyone.. Here’s to #25! 🙂

January 18, 2010

Love Made Visible.

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Happy Dr. King day!  I spent most of the day doing homework and reflecting on how lucky I am for the many many MANY privileges I enjoy.  We all owe a lot to those in the past who fought for us when we were the future.. Let’s pay it forward!

*cannonballs off soapbox*

Anyway.. Friday night, I went with Tamiye and Steve to the opening of Chase’s gallery at the LA Contemporary.  It was called Love Made Visible.  Incredible freehand spray painting, stencil-work, and inspirational messages.  Here are photos of some of the pieces that struck me.

The exhibit is open until February 20th.. Go check it out!  If you need more convincing..

View the show’s teaser/trailer [here]

Visit Chase’s website [here]

January 16, 2010

The Lost Generation?

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My dad recently passed this video to me.. and it hit home, especially in light of all the devastation that has been hitting Haiti.  This video was originally created for an AARP campaign, but it’s globally relevant.

January 8, 2010

Heyyyyy. [/Fonz]

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A new project from a pretty cool guy (and also an excellent honorary big brother):

QN5 says:

It’s QK10 and we’re setting things off with a brand new PackFM gem,“Happy Days”, produced by Tonedeff. Through clever yet powerful quotes, “Happy Days” offers a look at the steady decline in standards that masquerades as “change” in the world today.

“Things have been so bad and people are so eager to just be satisfied that they lowered their standards for everything, but we can do better than that. Its like if a kid scrapes his knee and you give him a lolipop, he stops crying, but at some point you’re going to have to fix that wound.” – PackFM

Download the .mp3 [HERE]

January 4, 2010

Cunninlynguists on Karmaloop!

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Check the interview.. and then you’ll understand why I love hanging out with my honorary big brothers.  Plus, they make excellent music.

January 3, 2010

Why January 1st is my FAVORITE.

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Oshoogatsu omedetou!  New Year’s Day is a huuuuge deal for my family.  We start cooking at 7am on Dec 31st, and we basically never stop.  And then we eat it all.

AND.. I get to do it twice, because we celebrate with my Dad’s side in the morning and my Mom’s side in the afternoon.  A lot of similar dishes, prepared slightly differently because of the regions from which the families originated.  Seriously, seriously.. my favorite day of the year.  The first two days of March Madness are a close second.  THE barbecue comes in 3rd.

From here on out, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Kagami mochi.


Ozoni, Yamazaki-style.

Sukiyaki beef rolled around carrots/green beans, dipped in Panko, fried, and rolled in teriyaki.

Miso eggplant (nasubi).

Spam musubi with avocado.

I made those!

Somen salad in inari skins.

Ooh baby I like it rawwww.


Osechi ryori..

(yes, still going)

Crab salad in won ton shells..


Board games with the little cousins..


We don't even know HOW to stop.

Ozoni, Shikami-style.

Smoked salmon.

Are you understanding why this day is my favorite yet?

..and more..

My 982374435th helping.

How we closed out the night.

Please forgive me for not posting these pics in a more timely manner.. I’ve been hibernating.  I’m pretty sure I ate enough food to hold me over until mid-March.

January 1, 2010

On to the next.. year.

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Happy 2010, everyone!  I’m taking a quick break from rolling sushi to post up this new Jay-Z/Swizz video.  It’s weird and captivating.. and I really wish someone had let me audition for the part of “sad bball girl.”  Just saying.