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November 30, 2009

I hate Hollywood, but I love Shakari.

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…so I decided to pony up and hit Kress on Saturday night, in celebration of my little sister’s birthday.



...can you spot the birthday attitude?


Basically.. it was a lot of dancing like this:


November 27, 2009

Gobble ’til you wobble.

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Thanksgiving isn’t just about parades, overeating, and saying you’re thankful.. I love what the holiday stands for today, but let’s all remember the exploitation and smallpox-infested blankets that were a part of the first Thanksgiving.  [/soapbox]

Anyway, here is the food-photo recap of my family’s holiday.

Yes, my Dad roasted it in his smoker.


Rosemary pull-apart bread.

My Auntie's delicious salad.


Yeah.. most of this was in my stomach by the end of the night.


Yams, cranberry, veggies..

Round one.. this mayyy be my desktop background right now.

Round One.. this mayyyy be the desktop background on my computer right now, lol.


Pumpkin cake.

Holiday craft - Japanese watercolor.


Sooooo that was my holiday.  Today I’ve been fighting this headache and trying (failing) to write a final paper.  Apparently, the itis hit my brain as well as the rest of my body.  Happy weekend, everyone!





November 25, 2009

The crossover.

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Man.. Allen Iverson is retiring.  So much talent, so much passion, and so much attitude.  I still remember the first time he did THE CROSSOVER during an NBA game.  The next day, we spent the entire lunch period in the gym, trying to imitate him.  I know he had a few stumbles over the years, but I choose to remember the happier times.

The best to do it since Tim Hardaway.

Iverson’s statement [here]

Thanks for everything, AI.. We’ll miss you!

November 21, 2009

A strange, strange journey.

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I bet you were just wondering who was at the Viper Room last night.  Funny you should ask..

These guys came and rocked the stage, during the LA portion of the Strange Journey Tour.


1. Tunji


2. Loop Troop Rockers


3. Grieves



DJ Flip Flop.


When Kno talks, you listen.

Family time until 5:30 am.. I heart my big brothers.


...and then they packed up the Strange-mobile and headed to their next show.


If you’ve never seen CunninLynguists perform live, here’s some footage from the NYC megashow to give you an idea:







November 13, 2009


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November 11, 2009


Hi haters, I’m back off of hiatus.  Apologies for  the inactivity.. I’m basically working every weeknight this month, while holding down the school/internship/homework/life thing.  I need a more blog-friendly lifestyle.

Anyway, here you go.  Travis Barker does it again.. this time to “Forever” by Drizzy/Yeezy/Weezy/Marshall.  I’m obsessed.


Check the 2dope writeup for more info.

November 2, 2009


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Happy Halloween Hangovers, everyone!

I actually stayed pretty low key this year.  Costume party at Life on Friday.. Homework, slangin’ candy to the kids, and This Is It on Saturday.


Where In The World am I?




Captain Morgan and a pirate.

My Michael Jack-O-Lantern.


Happy candy day, everyone!


In My Lifetime..

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Dear Ayah,

Thank you so much for releasing a beautiful video/song that perfectly depictwhere my head/heart are at right now.