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September 27, 2009


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Hell yes!!! ¬†They won. ūüôā

Just Say No!

Wowwwww. ¬†This video literally turned my frown upside-down. ¬†I’m a little late with this, but trust me.. it’s even worth watching again if you’ve already seen it.

I present.. the 1980s Lakers, telling you what to do when it comes to drugs.  Showtime!

We can dribble, shoot, slam dunk.. You can win too, without that junk!

MVP of this video = Big Game James.  Easily.

September 26, 2009

Don’t sell yourself to fall in love..

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Man.  Last night was incredible.  Beautiful hip hop DOES still exist, you just have to know where to look.  Check the lineup at the Conga Room:

1.  Tunji got the entire place jumping.. At least 5 people asked me where to hear more from him.  Expect big things from my big brother!

2. ¬†Goapele is insanely beautiful.. and her voice is paralyzing. ¬†If we were friends, I wouldn’t let her talk.. I’d make her sing all the time.

3.  Slum Village set the place off.  They grabbed the crowd from the start and rocked the Conga Room until we felt like we were about to fall down.

Ummm yeah.  The show was incredible, I ran into a lot of familiar faces, and the entire crowd seemed to be in a good mood.  Plus, it always feels great to get on a guest list or two.  Anyway.. here goes a recap.

Tunji feat. Noah King - Met her at a Slum show, standing in the front row..

Tunji feat. Noah King - "Met her at a Slum show, standing in the front row.."

My big brother!

My big brother!

Ilia, Ev, and Marcel.. waiting for Goapele to take the stage!

Ilia, Ev, and Marcel.. waiting for Goapele to take the stage!

Goapele.  Milk and Honey..

Goapele. Milk and Honey..



Reunion with my West LA girls.

Reunion with my West LA girls.

(I know you see my Captain EO shirt.. go here to get your own!)

The crowd.

The crowd.

Basically.. it was a beautiful, beautiful evening.  Also, music > homework.

September 22, 2009

Can YOU pay my bills?

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Today, bloggers near and far jumped for joy.. TiRon’s latest video is finally online!

If that wasn’t enough motivation to watch it, you must understand that this video has the cosign from MY MOM. ¬†She knows TiRon well, and she smiled through the whole thing. ¬†Then she said “That was soooo him. ¬†It was cute!”

(If you know my mom at all, you know that comment alone is enough to bump TiRon’s street cred up about 5 notches)

“Throwing My Money” is one of the songs off TiRon’s latest mixtape, “Ketchup.” ¬†Download it [HERE]

Happy Brother Ali day!

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Go out there and be somebody.. and buy Brother Ali’s new album today, while you’re at it!

September 20, 2009

Dear Computer, I missed you. Love, McFly.

Literally, LITERALLY.. I turned my computer on today for the first time since MONDAY. ¬†It wasn’t broken or anything.. I just haven’t had the time. ¬†I swear, this whole grad school/internship/work/homework/life thing is either going to kill me or make me a multitasking superhero by the end of the semester. ¬†Here’s a recap of my week.

Monday: recovered from Vegas, went to class all day, blogged and folded laundry.

Tuesday: internship in Pasadena 8am-6pm, fought through traffic to work in Century City 7-11:30pm, showered, slept at 1:00.

Wednesday: class 9am-5pm, work in Century City 6-10pm, TiRon’s music video release party at The Echo (Eagle Rock), home to hang with Wes, slept at 3:00.

Thursday: worked out early, helped stuff envelopes with USC’s APAA (volunteer hours in exchange for my scholarship), donated blood at the red cross, homework through the afternoon, work in Century City 7-11:30pm, got surprised by Wes when I got home, showered, stayed up til 4:30am drawing out plays for his bball team.

Friday: internship in Pasadena 8am-6pm, Ladies’ Night with my high school girls (wine at Porsha’s, followed by an appearance at The Parlor), in bed at 2:00.

Saturday: FINALLY slept in til 9:00, homework all morning, open gym at Narbonne in the afternoon, O Dae San for Phoebe’s birthday dinner, ice skating in Culver City for Nicole’s birthday, migrated to Yankee Doodle’s for more celebrating, in bed at 2:00.

Sunday: slept in til 9:00 again, worked out, showered, studied, work in Century City 2-7pm, ate dinner, homework, ABDC, aaaaand (now) blogging.

Understandably (I hope), I’m too sleepy to be very witty. ¬†Enjoy the pics, with limited captions. ¬†I’m pretty sure my blogging e-fanbase is clever enough to refer back up to the day-by-day breakdown to figure out where each picture was taken.

Pretty sure TiRon is incapable of taking a non-goofy picture.

Pretty sure TiRon is incapable of taking a non-goofy picture.

TCS fam at The Echo.

TCS fam at The Echo.

TiRon, Pac Div.

TiRon, Pac Div.

Taking a break from play-calling..

Taking a break from play-calling..

Ladies night.. A few Waiting to Exhale moments, but I didnt torch Wes car.

Ladies' night.. A few "Waiting to Exhale" moments, but I didn't torch Wes' car.

The flying V!

The flying V!

Quack, quack.

Quack, quack.

Theeeeee end. ¬†I’m hoping this coming week will be a little less hectic (and a little more computer-friendly). ¬†Wish me luck!

September 14, 2009

Hooping = better odds than roulette.

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Keryssa and I got back from the Vegas tournament last night.. and I was way too exhausted (and busy unpacking, doing hw, and watching ABDC and the VMAs) to put up a post.  I was blog-xausted.

Anyway, here’s a bit of a recap!

We lost our first game by 5, won the second by 15, and won the third by 5.  Not bad, overall.

You dont want it with the BLIZZARD.

You don't want it with the BLIZZARD.

We walked past the long line for the Bellagio buffet.. because we don’t wait in line. ¬†We don’t pay, either. ¬†Check out our complimentary dinner.

Round one.. fight!

Round one.. fight!

Hey.. not too shabby-looking for playing three games in 24 hours.

Hey.. not too shabby-looking for playing three games in 24 hours.

Then we made our way over to Kari’s condo suite at the Palms. ¬†We also didn’t pay for food, drinks, or club entry here. ¬†Apparently, we’re too cool for that.

Me, Kari, Keryssa.

Me, Kari, Keryssa.

We finally hit Playboy and Moon.  Apparently, this is how the ballers do it.

The view from the top..

The view from the top..

Overall, it was a successful (and ridiculously cheap) Vegas trip.  Keryssa and I stayed at South Point, which was far from the strip but close to our gym.. and it was pretty low on secondhand cigarette smoke (10 points for Team Puff)!  Plus, I only spent about $30 the entire time I was there.  Uuuungh.

September 7, 2009

Bills, Bills, Bills..

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Times are hard, I just paid for my Fall tuition, books, and AOTA membership.. What better way to celebrate it than with the premiere of TiRon’s newest video for “Throwing My Money”?

September 3, 2009

Nothing better…

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I hadn’t even heard of Lorenzo and Massiah until A.D. put me on.. but this video has me hooked. ¬†Lorenzo Tauta is the singer and Massiah ¬†is the rapper. ¬†Both are young Seattle artists who are actively involved with the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.. and from the sound of it, they have big things ahead of them!

The song is simple and beautiful, and basically describes my current and favorite kind of relationship. ¬†Enjoy.. and let me know what you think! ¬†ūüôā

September 2, 2009

Number 3.

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I know there’s a bunch of discussion about the album, and I only got to listen to it twice today (driving to and from Pasadena).¬† Some people don’t like it.¬† Some people like it.¬† I like it, even though there are plenty of reasons why I shouldn’t.¬† I wouldn’t call it a very cohesive album, and I don’t think he needed to lean so much towards the styles of hip hop that are more trendy right now.. I wish a collaboration as potentially great as Jay-Z/Drake didn’t get wasted on a could be a club song song (even though I don’t mind the song), I strongly dislike a few of the hooks.. But I still enjoy the album anyway.¬† It didn’t do what Reasonable Doubt, The Black Album, or American Gangster did for me when I first pushed play.. but I’m definitely not as disappointed as a lot of other people I’ve heard.¬† To me, it’s like Fatburger.¬† You know it’s not the best you could be having, but it’s still good as a go-to meal when you’re hungry.¬† We’ll see if my opinion morphs as time goes on.

For old time’s sake:

PS I totally used to rock the jersey dress.

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