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August 30, 2009

Glorious Excess.

Wow, Mike Shinoda is talented.  Nicole and I made it to the opening night of his painted/instillation/mixed media art show at JANM.  The show was part two of his Glorious Excess project, which he put together as a critique of the way we as a society worship, glorify, pick apart, and discard celebrities and the lifestyles we expect them to live.  You should all check it out.

Of course, we stopped at Daikokuya for some dinner first.  Tasty.

Of course, we stopped at Daikokuya for some dinner first. Tasty.

We got there 45 minutes early, and the line was already crazy!

We got there 45 minutes early, and the line was already crazy!

This pic is somewhat awkward.. but at least I have proof that I met him!

This pic is somewhat awkward.. but at least I have proof that I met him!

Head to JANM to see the whole bike. :)

Head to JANM to see the whole bike. 🙂

Check BobbyHundreds’ recap for cooler VIP pictures [HERE]

Check the JANM website for more info on the exhibit [HERE]

August 27, 2009

Need things to do this weekend?

Friday: groove!

Trust me, you’ll love TiRon‘s music.. and he’s a great performer, too.

Saturday: opening night, free entry, meet the artist!

Problem solved. 🙂

Good, better, best, best-est?

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Sheselle totally killed it with their version of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.”  And even MTV has to agree!  They even have a verse in Tagalog.  Excellent.

Donna Ibarra, Anna De Guzman, and Ruby Ibarra

Shouts to A.D. for the heads up.. He’s got some talented friends!

Knockin’ the books.

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This semester, Thursdays are my study days. I’m parked at my favorite cafe and feeling very thankful for ice and air conditioning.

Even though I’m not studying Shakespeare, I couldn’t stop thinking about this Cosby episode.  Perhaps I should start making up some verses about occupational therapy, hmmm?

August 26, 2009

Don’t Criticize, Hyperize.

I know it’s late, but I forgot to post this earlier this month.

P.S.  In Scotland, it would be Hyperise.  🙂

August 24, 2009

A future history lesson from QN5

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A portion of the intro from the QN5 Megashow..

Wish I could have been there to see my big brothers rock in person!

Pretty wings..

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Guess who’s gonna be at the Hollywood Bowl on October 16th?

Here’s a hint..

With the following special guests..

Haha in case you can’t tell, I’m excited. 🙂

August 23, 2009

Goodbye, Summer

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Tomorrow marks the start of the 2nd (and final) year of my masters program.

August 22, 2009

Cotton candy, sweet as gold

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So thinking about Mark Madsen reminded me of all the other great recent NBA plus dancing moments.  Here are a few that made me smile this morning.

Goodbye, Dance Fever

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Awwww, man.  A Twitter post from Minoru let me know that the Clippers let Mark Madsen go.  I’m sad, because he would have been a great moral booster (for cheap, too).  The LA Times put it best:

The Clippers released forward Mark Madsen almost a month after the team acquired him in a trade that sent Quentin Richardson to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Sebastian Telfair and Craig Smith, the Clippers announced today.

Although Madsen has had a limited role in his nine-year career, fans in Los Angeles remember him for his victory dance and speech at the Lakers’ championship parades.

Clippers Coach and General Manager Mike Dunleavy didn’t envision Madsen to have significant playing time, but had noted his reputation for being a positive influence in the locker room would help change the culture within the organization.

We’ll miss what could have been, Mark.  Good luck!

Go ahead and laugh at the dancing, but remember this: He has more rings than you. 🙂

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