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March 30, 2009

M.E.R.C.U.R.Y. – Because I Felt Like It

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Yet another one of my big brothers is putting in some hard work for 2009!  L.A. never sleeps, these days.  I’ve been listening to M.E.R.C.U.R.Y. rhyme since I was in 7th grade (literally), and he just keeps getting better.  Enjoy his latest LP.. because you feel like it. Click on the images to download it for free!

Sneak peek at PackFM’s new music!!

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PackFM stopped by P.O.W. Radio this weekend.. Check the video for an exclusive peek at a track he’s been working on with Domingo and some more information about the “I F*cking Hate Rappers” album.  Yesssss, my big brother’s doing big things!

March 27, 2009

If looks could kill, first name would be Bill.

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So I’m a week late (still catching up on things), but check out this video.. it recreates Kill Bill 1 and 2 in 60 seconds flat.

March 25, 2009

Don’t you Twitterstand?

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Hahaha what a perfect follow-up to that facebook video I posted yesterday..

PS – I’m still Twitter-free!

I <3 Beautiful Music

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I’m a little late, but hey.. I was out of the country!

Luck-One and Dekk‘s new project, “Beautiful Music,” is very appropriately named.  I usually have a tough time being objective when I review artwork created by my close friends.. But I find that I’m almost overly critical when it comes to friends of my friends or friends I don’t know too well.  That said.. THIS IS SOME GREAT MUSIC.

1. 80’s Back
2. The Coolax
3. Prince Wit’ a Thousand
4. Could’ve Been Me (feat. Randa Smith)
5. Back At Long Last (feat. Immaculate)
6. Road To Destiny (feat. Immaculate)
7. When I Forget (feat. Nafisaria)

Download it for FREE!

Trust me on this one.. I don’t owe Bruke any favors, I’m posting this because I genuinely love it.. and I think you will too!  You’re welcome, in advance. 🙂

March 24, 2009

25 things I hate about Facebook

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So I guess I’m about a 5 weeks late, but this video is excellent.  Shout to my little sis Larissa for putting me on!

March 21, 2009

Wolverine + Mariko = XOXO

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I’m really excited for the X-Men: Origins movie that’s coming out on May 1st.

I’m also really, really, REALLY hoping that, if they include the Wolverine/Mariko love story at all, they pronounce Mariko’s name correctly in the film.  The last thing I need is more people calling me MAR-ee-ko or muh-REE-ko.

FYI, the “Mari” part rhymes with “body.”

March 20, 2009

Bracket fail.

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So uh.. I guess Wake Forest won’t be the 2009 champs after all. My bracket kind of looks like this shirt now:

It’s so strange though.. I’m loving the tournament (as always).. but this year, I don’t feel emotionally attached to my bracket at all.  I usually watch all games/conference tourneys during the two weeks prior to the tournament, but this year I was on the other side of the world.  I feel like I don’t know the teams as well, and I definitely don’t have strong feelings about my predictions this year.  It’s so weird.. I feel like I don’t even KNOW myself anymore!

At least the first round is finally getting interesting though..  I heart games that go into overtime!

First round ramblings

So we’re 75% done with round one.. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to overdose on basketball, but I’ll take a Vitamin C just to be on the safe side.  I’ll wash it down with my malaria pill.  🙂

Anyway, a few things that have been running through my head..

  • Seth Davis always looks soooo happy.
  • Illinois is.. not going to the Sweet 16.  Oops.  I underestimated the Hilltoppers again.. should have learned from last year.
  • I’m sad for Dionte Christmas.  At least his last name is awesome.
  • I love when commentators try (and fail) to integrate slang into the play-by-play.  (Ex: “Man, the big men are really bumpin’ and grindin’ down in the paint.”)
  • I’m so happy that they brought back the Enterprise commercial from last year.. No one can say “Mommm!” like this guy.

Also.. I have a brand new obsession.  Click the link below, and you will too.


March 19, 2009

GHANA RECAP: These kids changed my life.

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To be honest, I’m still processing my whole experience in Ghana.

I’ll post a few pictures and a few reflections, but there are no words that could ever do justice to the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical changes that this trip catalyzed.

I fell in love with the kids (obviously), the culture, the art, and the people that I got to know.  This trip absolutely confirmed that I’m going to be working in the perfect field for myself.  And the kids were incredible.

The kids (and their parents) on Parents Day.

The kids (and their parents) on Parents' Day.

We (the USC students) paired up.. and each pair worked with one or two of the kids, set goals, implemented treatment plans, talked to the kids’ parents about a home program, talked with the teachers about a school program, and worked nonstop to help the kids reach these goals.

Miriam and I worked with Grace and Tanhoh.

(I gave her my PackFM shirt)

(I gave her my PackFM shirt)

Grace is 7 years old.  When Grace was young, she had a high fever that resulted in seizures.  Now, she has weakness on her right side (she can still walk and use her right hand – she just prefers her left) and her attention span is suuuper short.  She doesn’t like to share, and she’ll cry for attention.  In fact, if she doesn’t get a response, she’ll stop, look up to see who’s watching, move closer to an adult, and start crying again.  Haha she’s so clever.  🙂

With Grace, our main goals were behavioral.  We worked on her ability to share and wait her turn without having a meltdown or throwing a temper tantrum.  We also worked on her ability to attend to a task until she completed it completely.  We played board games and hopscotch, worked on chores (such as sweeping and washing her underwear), and encouraged her to use her words to explain why she was upset.  By the end of the week, she started asking “can I play?” before she sat down and took toys away from other kids.  Success!

Tanhoh is 16 years old.  He was born with cerebral palsy.  In terms of physical abilities, he’s completely functional.  He prefers not to use his left hand, but he can and will when the task requires it.  He’s one of the friendliest kids at the school.  He doesn’t speak or understand much English, and he’s slow to to respond even in Fante (his native dialect).  He has a lot of trouble sequencing a task (figuring out which step comes first and when to move from one step to the next).

When we observed him during his shower routine, he rubbed soap on the front of his torso for about 7 minutes before we finally cued him to move to his lower body.  He also gets distracted very easily.  Our main goals for Tanhoh were to wash his whole body well (with minimal verbal cues) and to attend to chores (like sweeping and laundry).  We often worked with him and Grace together, to encourage social interaction, sharing, and taking turns.  We taught Tanhoh “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” and sang it in the shower.  By the end of the week, he was washing his whole body.

We also took the kids to the beach. They loved it.

Amonqua is 13. He has a hard time keeping his head up because it takes so much strength. He has an incredible sense of humor.. he tried to get me to steal Pastor Joe's car on the way home from the beach. He grabbed the gear shift and yelled "LET'S GOOOO!" He wants to work as a driver when he grows up.

Paul is the leader of the pack. He got polio when he was young, and his father took him outside of their village and left him in the bushes to fend for himself. He was found and brought to the school at Mephibosheth. Now, he reads bedtime stories to the younger kids, helps to oversee chores, translates Fante/English, and basically runs the place. He liked my hachimaki.. so I let him have one. He started telling everyone that he was Japanese after that.

Watala is an awesome soccer player.  He has trouble processing auditory information and producing speech, but that doesnt stop him from punking people with a fake high-five or an unexpected tackle.  Also, he looks like 50 cent. =]

Watala is an awesome soccer player. He has trouble processing auditory information and producing speech, but that doesn't stop him from punking people (mostly me) with a fake high-five or an unexpected tackle. Also, he looks like 50 cent. 🙂

Kate, Augustina, Gifty-W, Gifty-Efi, and Irene performed a body worship dance at church.. beautiful.

We also went to Kakum National Park and crossed 7 suspension bridges, hanging above the treetops in the middle of a rainforest.  Bucket list material, for real.

We visited Elimina Castle, a building that used to be a slave castle.

It was overwhelming, heartbreaking, nauseating, enraging, and really really important.

Pastor Joe’s sister Annie is a seamstress.  She brought fabric, let us pick our favorite patterns, took our measurements, and custom-made 40 dresses.

Showing off Annies creations with Miriam and Megan.

Showing off Annie's creations with Miriam and Megan.

We went shopping at a marketplace in Accra.

We couldn’t have done it without the Clinical Instructors and Pastor Joe!

Bonnie, Tiffany, Barbara, Naz, Katie, Esther, and Pastor Joe.

A lot of these kids have been through some horrible things, and yet they still enjoy life with more genuine happiness than most people I know.  They’re doing more than people ever thought they could, they take care of each other, and they matter.  I could write a million words about each of the kids, all of the funny/inspirational/heartbreaking/exciting/frustrating moments, but this post would probably freeze my computer.  For now, I’ll just leave it with a picture of the Mephibosheth shirt.

If you want to hear more, ask.  🙂

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